About the SOS Choir

The Spirit of the Streets Choir, originally called the Big Issue Choir, was formed in 2007 with the leadership of Bernard and Eleanor Carney. The Choir is a registered incorporated not-for-profit charity.


Our Team​

We have many helpers within the choir who assist with setting up for rehearsal and greeting members and visitors as they arrive, checking the safety of venues, organising celebrations, and not forgetting our wonderful Heather Mithen and Anna Ossy-Orley who provide the choir with afternoon tea each week.


Choir Director

Bernard Carney

Born and brought up in Lancashire, UK, he has been a fulltime musician – performing, award winning songwriter, guitar teacher - since arriving in Australia in 1975. Bernard was recently awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his services to music. He and his wife, Eleanor, have strong social consciences as is reflected in their commitment to the choir.



Sally Hegotule

Street musician originally from Niue who has sung and brought joy to people in a variety of places and plays a breathtaking array of instruments including the ukulele, guitar, bongo drums and banjo.

Gig Organiser

Eleanor Carney

A former teacher from a musical family who grew up in Birmingham with lots of formal musical training. Eleanor brings lots of musical and organising skills to the choir as well as a passionate interest in people.Eleanor Carney organises the booking of gigs and concerts as well as assisting the choir every week. 


Bass Guitar Player


Music is Devo’s fulltime passion, whether it be playing it or continuing to learn more about it, and he has been the bass guitar  player for the choir for more than 10 years.


 Rick Steele

Highly accomplished blues musician who has been performing in WA for many years, a member of the WAM Hall of Fame, and enjoys his annual trip to his country of birth, New Zealand. Well known Perth musician, supports the choir particularly when Bernard takes his annual holiday.

Operations Committee

The committee is responsible for the ongoing management of the choir and its activities.


Dot Hoareau




Sue Scott


Eleanor Carney


 Trish Todd


Chris Choo


Kathy Gale

The Board

The Choir also has a Board to ensure appropriate policies and practices and to provide legal and financial guidance


Dave Scott


Conor Breheny


Trish Todd


Robert Maley


Dot Hoareau


Joshua Haque

Tuesday Rehearsals

We meet every Tuesday afternoon from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at St Albans Church Hall, 423 Beaufort Street, Highgate.  St Albans is located on the corner of St. Albans Ave and Beaufort St, Highgate, about 2kms north of the centre of the Perth CBD. No previous singing experience is required, just a desire to sing, make friends and have fun. There is no cost to being involved in the Choir.

What do we do on a Tuesday? We start the session with informal socialising over a cup of tea and coffee. Before commencing singing, information is provided on any upcoming activities and members’ birthdays are celebrated. The choir then warms up and enjoys singing a wide repertoire of songs.

The Spirit of the Streets Choir is a performing choir so we often use our Tuesday rehearsals to prepare for any forthcoming concerts.



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